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How do I start the process for a burial at sea / ashes scattering at sea?

Just call us at 609-225-3023 or send a request for information on
Contact Us page.  In addition to the information found on the site, we are always available to speak with you to ensure a positive experience and answer any questions or concerns you or family members may have.

Do I need to present any documentation (IE Death Certificate)?

Not required.  All we require is the deceased legal name, date of death and date of cremation.  We will prepare the EPA paperwork and submit on your behalf. Additionally a certificate of scattering will be provided to the family documenting the exact position of the scattering (Latitude / Longitude)

Do I need to get a permit for a burial at sea?

No requirement for a permit.  We will take care of all required paperwork & documentation for the scattering at sea.

Do I have to accompany the cremains to the scattering site?

Not required.  If you choose not to attend the scattering at sea, we can perform the scattering, process all EPA paperwork and send you a certificate documenting the burial / scattering at sea.

Can I/we attend the scattering at sea?

Yes.  The Metamorphosis can accommodate up to 6 guests.  We can also provide arrangements for larger group on an alternative vessel.

Can we have a religious clergy attend and perform a service?   

Yes.  Although most families do not utilize Clergy, they are welcome to perform any type of religious service or prayer service you wish.  The Captain is honored to be able to recite and share poems, prayers and psalms on your behalf.  See page  link for Poems, Prayers and Psalms.

Can you provide or play any favorite / special music?

Yes.  The Metamorphosis is well equipped with the latest electronics including the ability to easily Bluetooth your own iPhone / smartphone or smart devices into the central audio system.  Additionally, you may request special music and the captain can pre-load on the vessel’s audio system.  Vessel also has access to SiriusXM, Pandora and Amazon Prime Music Library.

How far in advance do I need to book the service?

Usually we can accommodate you with only several days notice, however advance arrangements will ensure preferred date and time for service.

Can we scatter flowers on the water along with the ashes?

Yes.  The Metamorphosis will provide flowers for the scattering however you are welcome to bring an additional bouquet and can scatter upon the water any biodegradable flowers or wreath. 

Do we need an urn?

Not required.  We can scatter the ashes on the water directly from the container you receive from the crematorium. 

Can we deposit an urn in the water?

Yes if biodegradable.  Non-biodegradable urns or the cremains box cannot be deposited into the sea.  You are welcome to retain or we will discard if preferred.

How far off shore do we need to travel?

EPA requires of minimum of 3 Miles from shore for scattering of cremains at sea. See bottom of
Burial at Sea Page for EPA Requirements

What is the duration of a scattering of ashes at sea trip?

We typically allocate 2 hours for the service.  Initially about a 30 minutes to arrive at scattering site.  Upon return from service, captain will typically provide a shoreline cruise of Atlantic City and share much of the history of our Jersey Shore.  The goal is to provide a positive experience of closure and a celebration of life.

Can the Metamorphosis provide Scattering at Sea Services at other Jersey Shore locations other than Atlantic City? 

Yes. Although there will be a surcharge for the time and fuel, we commonly accommodate any specific locations in South Jersey.

What happens if the weather is inclement?

Safety is paramount. Your captain will check in with you a couple of days prior to the scheduled day to keep an eye on the weather.  If the forecast is threatening, we will look to reschedule or wait until it gets closer to make a decision.  The goal is to provide a safe and positive experience.  The service will be postponed at no additional cost to ensure the best conditions and experience.